Frequently Asked Questions


How do I add a Customer in the Store Module?

03/25/2020 11:14:00 AM

To add a Customer in the store module you will need to be a Site Administrator.  When you log into the OrderMaxx website, you will see a black Administrator's ribbon accross the top of your website.  Other people who log into the website will not see the Administrator's ribbon.

Click on the word "Admin" and this will take you to the dashboard of the website's control panel.  All site administration is done from this location.  


Then click on "Access Modules" -> "Store Module" -> "Account Manager" -> "Udate Accounts".  On this screen you will be able to search for accounts and then "Add New Account".  Click on "Add New Account" and complete information on this form.  This will create a store Account on your website.  Once you have the account created you can add as many "Contacts" (AKA: Website Users) as you want underneath this account.  Please watch the video below if you have questions on creating a new account.  



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