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How does the Promotions Manager work in OrderMaxx Web Framework?

03/16/2020 03:32:00 PM

The Promotions Manager is a function in side of the OrderMaxx Store Module that allows you to create promotions inside of the store and then allow users to checkout of the store using these promotions. 


Automatic vs. Manual Promotions
Promotions can be automatic (automatically assigned to a person checkout out of your shopping cart once threasholds are met) or manual (to obtain the promotion a user must input a "Promotion Code" to receive the checkout. 


Begining and End Dates of Promotions

Promotions always have a beginning date and an end date.  In order for Customers to receive the promotion, the active promotion must be between these dates. 


All Items vs. Selected Items

Promotions can be configured so that any item in your shopping cart can fall into the promotion or you can select a group of items affected by the promotion.  For Example:  Lets say you want to have a "Free Shipping" promotion.  You can setup the promotion so that all the items in your shopping cart will have free shipping or you can setup the promotion so only selected items in the shopping cart can have free shipping.  


Promotion Types

The promotions available at the time of this article are as follows:

  • Free Shipping
  • Percent (%) Discount
  • Minimum Order Levels

Promotions can also be used in combination with other promotions.  For Example:  You could offer Free Shipping for selected items where the minimum order level is $200 or more.  



To setup Promotions in your OrderMaxx Store, you will need to navigate to the "Promotions Manager" using the following path:


Home (Admin) > Store Module > Promotions Manager  


Here you will be able to configure promotions and apply them to your Store Module.  When Customers visit your store, they will easily be able to checkout using the latest promotion provided.  

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