Frequently Asked Questions


How does the PDF to part number association work?

10/03/2019 04:52:00 PM

If you are associating a .pdf file into the parts viewer at the product level, the system expects that you will have a pdf file with the same name as the item number uploaded into the system.  For example:  If a product has an item number of "202-102156DP", then the system expects that you would be uploading a pdf file to the site that is named:  "202-102156DP.pdf"  

The files must be uploaded into a specific file in the file manager on your website.  This file path is as follows:  

[your site id]/PortalManager/AttachFiles/Documents

Within the file system you can upload multiple pdf files at once making it easier than doing these one at a time.  The video below shows you in detail how this process works.  



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