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How do I modify the initial banner on the store page?

08/05/2019 07:48:00 PM

When the OrderMaxx Store is compiled and launched there is always a "store" page in your navigation by default.  On the store page we provide you an initial advertisement in the page from the "Banner Advertisement Module".  If you look at this page in the "Page Manager" you will see the initial banner advertisemen token [banner_ad_type1] on this page.  Here are few options:

1.  If you wish to remove the banner, just delete the token and it will be removed from the page.

2.  If you wish to this advanced feature, please navigate to your module listing, activate the "Banner Advertisement Module.  Once activated you will then be able modify and build as many banners as you would like.  Banners can be in many sizes, shapes and colors.  

If you have any other quetions, please feel free to contact Customer Service.  

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