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How does Avalara Tax Calculation work with the OrderMaxx Shopping Cart?

10/17/2017 02:46:00 PM

The OrderMaxx Shopping Cart is certified to work with Avalara (  Avalara is supported throughout the OrderMaxx Shopping Cart in the following areas: 


  • Account Management: You are able to manage your Accounts in the OrderMaxx Shopping Cart and make your accounts either (Retail or Non-Taxable). If you make an account "Non-Taxable", then you must select an Avalara non-taxable code. The code is used to explain why the account meets the non-taxable status.  
  • Product Management: On each product in the OrderMaxx Shopping Cart, you can choose the appropriate Avalara Sales Tax Item Code.  
  • Default Settings: 
  • Avalara API Settings
  • Avalara API Logs


There is no charge for turning on Avalara in the OrderMaxx Shopping Cart.  

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