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Web App Integration


OM000WEBAPP0001 : Authorize.Net Payment Gateway

Integrate your OrderMaxx Shopping Cart with the Authorize.Net Payment Gateway and process credit cards with just about any credit card processor you like.

OM000WEBAPP0002 : Avalara Address Validation

Use Avalara Address Validation integration tools to verify shipping addresses in your OrderMaxx Shopping Cart.

OM000WEBAPP0003 : Avalara Sales Tax Caclulation

Use Avalara Sales Tax Calculation Service (AVATAX) works with your OrderMaxx Shopping cart to automatically calculate sales taxes for online purchases based on local taxing jurisdictions. This is a free service provided as part of your OrderMaxx Shopping cart.

OM000WEBAPP0004 : Constant Contact

Integrate your OrderMaxx website with Constant Contact email marketing service so that people can automatically manage their list services directly through your website.

OM000WEBAPP0005 : FedEx Rates and Services

FedEx shipping rates is an integrated service with OrderMaxx Shopping Cart. You can automatically calculate FedEx Shipping Rates with our integration tools.

OM000WEBAPP0006 : Google Shopping

Export your products directly to Google Shopping from your OrderMaxx Shopping Cart.

OM000WEBAPP0007 : Hangfire Integration

Hangfire Integration

OM000WEBAPP0008 : O'Lark Chat

O'Lark Chat Service is now fully integrated into OrderMaxx Software as a free service! You simply add your O'Lark Chat Account Number into the OrderMaxx CMS or Shopping Cart and your all set to receive chats when people come to your website.

OM000WEBAPP0009 : PayPal Payflow Pro Gateway

PayPal Payflow Pro Gateway

OM000WEBAPP0010 : PayPal Payments (API)

PayPal Payments (API)

OM000WEBAPP0011 : QuickBooks Online

QuickBooks Online

OM000WEBAPP0012 : SalesForce

SalesForce CRM

OM000WEBAPP0013 : Square Payments

Square Payments

OM000WEBAPP0014 : US Post Office Rates

US Post Office Rates

OM000WEBAPP0015 : UPS Shipments

UPS Shipments

OM000WEBAPP0016 : UPS Rates

UPS Rates

OM000WEBAPP0017 : Zip-Codes (API)

We have incorporated several of APIs from into OrderMaxx Software and these API services are free to use!  You simply log into your OrderMaxx website, go to the control panel and add your credentials. You can take advantage of the API service instantly!

OM000WEBAPP0018 : WalMart Marketplace

WalMart Marketplace

OM000WEBAPP0019 : PayTrace Gateway

When you use the OrderMaxx Shopping Cart software you can use the pre-built PayTrace gateway as part of your shopping cart service. The PayTrace API is built into the OrderMaxx Shopping cart.

OM000WEBAPP0020 : IGlobal Stores

The Zonos™ Checkout is an integrated Web Application that works seamlessly with your OrderMaxx store and shopping cart. Simply register with Zonos™ then log into your OrderMaxx website and simply “Activate” the Zonos™ Checkout link to turn the solution live!

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