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OM0Token001 : Download Center Token

The Download Center Token extends the download center module to a page or multiple pages on your website.

OM0Token002 : Press Release Token

The Press Release Token enables you to create a chronological listing of press releases on any of your website pages.

OM0Token003 : Event Listing Token

The Event Listing Token extends the Event Module to any page on your website. The token builds a list of events and registration pages that your visitor can use.

OM0Token004 : Trade Show Token

The Trade Show Token lets you add a listing of trade shows that your company might be attending into a web page on your website. The token extends the data from the Trade Show Module to your website.

OM0Token005 : Parts Selector Module Token

The Parts Selector Token installs a robust online parts catalog application into your web page. You can find parts using the tools and purchase them through the store module.

OM0Token006 : ContactUs Form Token

The Contact Us Token builds an awesome contact form that you can add to any page on your website.

OM0Token007 : Display Finished Goods Token

The Display Finished Goods token creates a list of products from the Store Module and displays them nicely into a web page. Once you mark items “Finished Goods” in the store module, they will be displayed automatically.

OM0Token008 : Display Featured Goods Token

The Display Featured Goods Token creates a display of "Featured" items from the store module onto a web page. As you mark items as featured items in the store module, those items will be automatically added via the token to the web page.

OM0Token009 : Shopcart Page Token

The Shop Cart Page Token creates a page for the front of your store so that you can create an nice introductory page for customer.

OM0Token010 : FAQ Results Token

The OrderMaxx FAQ (Frequently Asked Question) Database Token is a repository of categorized articles. The database is interactive with site.

OM0Token011 : Representative LocatorToken

The OrderMaxx GPS Representative Locator Token allows you to display representatives, dealers or contacts on your website based on an OrderMaxx user type.

OM0Token012 : Case StudyToken

The Case Study Token adds the results from the Case Study module into a web page. The token creates a case study library of websites and projects.

OM0Token013 : Property Listing Results Token

The Property Listing Results Token lets you extend the information contained in the property leasing module directly to a web page on your site. The token builds an interactive map and listing of properties.

OM0Token014 : Proceed Warranty System Token

The Proceed Warranty System Token extends the functionality of the Warranty Module in Proceed Software to a web page. Registered users can submit warranties directly into the Warranty Module in Proceed Software.

OM0Token015 : Fancy SlideShow Token

The Fancy Slide Show Token allow you to easily add an advanced slide show into the product page allowing you to explain your product.

OM0Token016 : FAQ Product Results Token

The FAQ Results Product Token enables you to post articles pertaining to your products.

OM0Token017 : Proceed Product Inventory Token

The Proceed Product Inventory Token displays Inventory from Proceed Software.

OM0Token018 : Membership Form Token

The Membership Registration Form Token enables you to create an online membership registration program on your website.

OM0Token019 : Product ReviewToken

The Product Review Token enables you to Install a Product Review functionality at Product Level.

OM0Token020 : Standard Slide Show Token

OM0Token021 : OM0Token021-CAProp65Token

The CAProp65 Token can be used to display California Proposition 65 notice in your product description.

OM0Token022 : Dynamic Sitemap token

The OrderMaxx Dynamic Site Map Token creates an automatic site map on any content page on your website. As you mark items as featured items in the store module, those items will be automatically added via the token to the web page.

OM0Token023 : Video Results Token

The OrderMaxx Video Results Token provides the framework for displaying videos and other downloadable media.

OM0Token024 : Store Search Token

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