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OM000MOD001 : OrderMaxx Store Module

The OrderMaxx Store Module is used to create the best shopping cart on the Internet! This feature rich shopping cart has a control panel that lets you manage your entire E-Commerce website from your browser.

OM000MOD002 : OrderMaxx Shopcart Module for Pilot ERP

The OrderMaxx Shopcart Module for Pilot ERP is a robust shopping cart that is integrated with the OrderMaxx Web Framework and Pilot ERP Software. This integrated ecosystem approach allows you to seamlessly integrate the shopping cart with other modules, web applications, online marketplaces and Pilot ERP Software for an end-to-end solution for your company.

OM000MOD003 : OrderMaxx Change Location Module

The OrderMaxx Change Location Module allows you to list out other websites in your enterprise that you manage and visitors can quickly jump to those locations.

OM000MOD004 : OrderMaxx Country Referral Module

The OrderMaxx Country Referral Module looks at the incoming browser and redirects the website visitor to a website that matches their country's browser settings. For Example: If the browser settings show that the visitor is coming from Mexico, the user might be directed to a website where Spanish is the preferred language. This module is perfect for companies who are managing websites in multiple countries or languages.

OM000MOD005 : OrderMaxx Custom Module Development

We do provide OrderMaxx Custom Module Development services and would be happy to hear from you about your ideas or needs. Please contact us at 866-847-4495

OM000MOD006 : OrderMaxx Download Center Module

The OrderMaxx Download Center Module lets you categorically manage documents of any sort (PDF, Zip, Word, PowerPoint & Videos) online (public or secure with a username and password).

OM000MOD007 : OrderMaxx FAQ Database Module

The OrderMaxx FAQ (Frequently Asked Question) Database Module is a repository of categorized articles. It is typically used as a self-help database. The database is interactive with site.

OM000MOD008 : OrderMaxx Parts Selector Module

The OrderMaxx Parts Selector Module lets you sell parts on your OrderMaxx website using exploded view diagrams based on the products you want to sell. This module interacts with the shopping cart.

OM000MOD009 : Proceed Customer Portal Module

The OrderMaxx Proceed Software Customer Portal Module lets you instantly setup a secure web-based portal so that your customers can access their account information in Proceed Software. This module integrates directly with Proceed Software and lets your customer review information specifically about their account. The module supports account balances, online bill pay, private inventory information, private inventory ordering and much more. Your customers will love it!

OM000MOD010 : OrderMaxx Proceed Software Service Module

The OrderMaxx Proceed Software Service Module lets you configure a "Service Portal" on your website so that your customers can submit and manage service related tasks directly into Proceed Software.

OM000MOD011 : OrderMaxx Press Release Module

The OrderMaxx Press Release Module allows you to post and manage a database with an unlimited numbers of press releases on your website.

OM000MOD012 : Contact Us Form

Quickly add a "Contact Us" form to your website that generates an email to you without any programming required.

OM000MOD013 : OrderMaxx GPS Rep Finder Module

The OrderMaxx GPS Rep Finder Module allows you to display representatives, dealers or contacts on your website based on an OrderMaxx user type. Shows distance from the visitor to your contact.

OM000MOD014 : OrderMaxx Trade Show Listing Module

The OrderMaxx Trade Show Listing Module displays a list of trade shows that your company might be attending on your website.

OM000MOD015 : OrderMaxx Product Configuration Module

The Product Configuration Module lets you create pre-built product options for the products in your Shopping Cart and then lets customers purchase those items by using the pre-determined product options.

OM000MOD016 : GPS Locator Module

The OrderMaxx GPS Locator Module turns on some advanced tools for your website that allow the site to detect inbound website traffic from other countries and automatically re-direct that traffic to website content that is appropriate.

OM000MOD017 : OrderMaxx Dealer Portal Module

The OrderMaxx Dealer Module extends information and functionality to customers you mark as "Dealers". This module lets you extend your existing website to your customers and is perfect for companies who work with Channel Partners to sell products and parts through their website. Features include: customer and warranty management, discounted pricing, drop shipping checkout and more!

OM000MOD018 : OrderMaxx Proceed Customer Portal Module

OM000MOD019 : Dropped Shopping Cart Module

The OrderMaxx Dropped Shopping Cart Module captures the contents of a shopping cart when the website visitor or customer does not checkout through the shopping cart system. This allows you to see customer information, the types of products they had in their shopping cart and quickly follow up with them. The OrderMaxx Dropped Shopping Cart Module is feature rich and is easily activated.

OM000MOD021 : SEO Keyword Database Module

The SEO Keyword Module is a tool that lets you manage your search engines' keywords or keyword phrases and maps them on a landing page on your website. This tool shows search engine page rank trends and notes on generic search engine optimization efforts performed by your staff. This is the perfect tool to use for collaboration between a group of people who are managing online marketing programs.

OM000MOD022 : OrderMaxx Membership Module

The OrderMaxx Membership Module lets you manage memberships to your website. You can manage your website users, keep track of their memberships, accept online payments and automatically renew memberships using credit cards. This is a feature rich module that has many settings and functions for groups of people to use.

OM000MOD023 : OrderMaxx Data Export Module

OM000MOD024 : Banner Ad Module

The OrderMaxx Banner Ad Module lets you place banner advertisements within your content of any size, shape or color. Users can then click on the banners as they read your content and are directed to the appropriate URL that is associated with the advertisement. The Banner Ad Module has many settings, lets you track click through traffic on the ads and much more.

OM000MOD025 : Property Listing Module

The OrderMaxx Property Listing Module allows you to collaborate with your website users to maintain a listing of properties on your website. This module allows you present property information, pictures, reviews, details and facts online. You can allow website users to manage their own set of properties too.

OM000MOD026 : OrderMaxx Business Directory Module

The OrderMaxx Business Directory Module lets you instantly create a business directory on your website. The directory is designed to show businesses on a GPS based map and then let website visitors drill down to the business detail. The Business Directory has many features and settings that allow you to customize the directory.

OM000MOD027 : Product Slider Module

The OrderMaxx Product Slider lets you put a unique product slider on any page of your website. The slider includes product images, categories and links to other pages inside your website.

OM000MOD028 : OrderMaxx Blog Module

The OrderMaxx Blog Module lets you instantly install a blog on any website page. The module is then managed through the module interface, has many settings that allow you to configure your blog and it allows other users on the website to participate (multi-user) on the blog if you allow it.

OM000MOD029 : OrderMaxx Events Management Module

The OrderMaxx Events Management Module lets you display an interactive events listing on a website page. The events module has many settings and can be styled based on your website. The Events Module allows you to accept registrations for your events.

OM000MOD030 : OrderMaxx Job Board Module

The OrderMaxx Job Board module lets you install a job board on your website instantly. The job board module lets you display available positions and allows job seekers to apply online right through your website. This job board is feature rich and is perfect for your Human Resources Department!

OM000MOD031 : OrderMaxx Multi-Language Module

The OrderMaxx Multi-Language Module lets you change from English to any language you desire. You can populate your website with unique content and still use the other OrderMaxx Modules to run your website. This powerful tool let yous publish content inside of the OrderMaxx Framework but in a different language that might be optimized for business opportunities outside the US.

OM000MOD032 : OrderMaxx Public Form Module 02

OM000MOD033 : OrderMaxx Scheduled Tasks Module

The OrderMaxx Scheduled Task Module lets you schedule everything on your website! You can schedule integration jobs, follow up communications, data imports and exports with other applications and more!

OM000MOD034 : OrderMaxx Shop Cart Module

The OrderMaxx Shop Cart Module is a token you can drop on any content page in the OrderMaxx platform to create Shop Cart navigation.

OM000MOD035 : AS2 Messaging Module

The OrderMaxx AS2 Message Module allows you safely transfer data between your system and the OrderMaxx Shopping Cart Module. This safe and secure data transfer utility is sometimes referred to as EDI (Electronic Data Interchange). Once configured, the OrderMaxx AS2 Module allows you to seamlessly integrate with your other data systems.

OM000MOD036 : OrderMaxx Case Study Module

The OrderMaxx Case Study Module allows you to quickly install a database for attractive case studies on your website. This module is a unique and creative tool for easily explaining project case studies on any website and featuring some of your work. The Case Study Module can be added to any page on the OrderMaxx website framework.

OM000MOD037 : Event Management Module

The Event Management module lets you quickly add current and past events to your OrderMaxx Website. The module admin lets you quickly publish information about your event to a database. Settings include date, time, images and locations. This module is perfect for organizations who do event based programs!

OM000MOD038 : Blog Module

The OrderMaxx Blog Module lets you instantly install a blog on any website page. The module is then managed through the module interface, has settings that allow you to configure your blog and it allows other users on the website to participate (multi-user) on the blog if you allow it.

OM000MOD039 : Proceed Warranty Module

The Proceed Warranty Module allows customers to register on your OrderMaxx Website and fully complete the warranty process through their online account! This module automates the warranty process from the clients' perspective and integrates directly with Proceed Software.

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