OrderMaxx Software Press Releases
Date : 1/29/2019
New OrderMaxx Framework Release Version 9.04.11

Summary : We are pleased to announce the release of OrderMaxx Website Framework 09.04.11 containing new updates and enhancements.


New OrderMaxx Web Framework Release | Version 09.04.11
OrderMaxx Web Framework is pleased to announce the release of our newest version: 09.04.11. This version provides customers with several new updates and enhancements in the framework including: 

  • FAQ Module Update: Fixed the FAQ edit screen. Created a "FAQ Token" for products allowing dynamic FAQ's to be added to each product details screen.  
  • KPI Reports: Fixed KPI reports by removing incorrect data on reports.  
  • OrderMaxx App Log: Added an application log which shows standard functions and errors within the OrderMaxx application. This tool is useful for understanding the performance of your OrderMaxx website. 
  • Standard and Customer Specific Reports: Created an enhancement which enables customers to have both standard OrderMaxx reports and customer specific reports unique to each site administrator.  
  • Proceed Software Integration: Added the ability to create “deposits” automatically at the time of the shopping cart order so that they do not have to be added manually.  
  • "Ship to Setting" for Proceed Software integration: You can now configure a setting for the shipment location when the shipping location is added automatically from OrderMaxx to Proceed Software when the order posts.  
  • Store Module Upgrade: A guest checkout feature has been added to the Shopping Cart as an extended free features of the Shopping Cart. This feature can easily be turned on for your Shopping Cart. 
  • Store Module Update: Created enhancement that allows the site admin to add categories of user defined fields to the edit product screen of the Shopping Cart.

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