OrderMaxx Software Press Releases
Date : 11/19/2018
New OrderMaxx Framework Release 11/19/2018

Summary : We are pleased to announce the release of OrderMaxx Website Framework 09.04.10 containing new features as well as the new Events Management Module.


New OrderMaxx Web Framework Release | Version 09.04.10

OrderMaxx Web Framework is pleased to announce the release of our newest version: 09.04.10. This version provides customers with several new features in the framework including a new "Events Management Module" that can be used to manage events on your website. The new features for this version include:

  • Store Module Contact Exports: You can now easily export customers from your store into a spreadsheet to be used with other online marketing systems.
  • Integration with Authorize.Net: The OrderMaxx Store module can now integrate with advanced functions in Authorize.net including: Authorization and Capture as separate functions, tokenization, etc.
  • Updated Browser Settings: The website and modules have been upgraded for multi-browser functionality including desktop and mobile devices.  


New Events Management Module | Events Module 
The 9.04.10 version includes the following features: 

  • Create events pages (highlight your event, manage presenters, customize forms)
  • Manage events (headliners, speaker, exhibitors)
  • Market and promote events (social media, direct marketing, e-mail marketing)
  • Engage participants (events calendar, event publications, mobile access)


User Group Meeting | OrderMaxx Events

Network with other website administrators using the OrderMaxx Web Framework at monthly discussion group sessions. See the OrderMaxx Event page to view upcoming discussion group sessions or to listen to archived discussions.

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