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Date : 9/27/2017
Heftee Industries Launches New OrderMaxx Website

Summary : Heftee Industries Chooses OrderMaxx Web Development Software St. Charles, Illinois – September, 2017


Heftee Industries manufacturers the best small power equipment service lifts on the planet and every power equipment shop Owner knows it! Heftee lifts provide a competitive advantage to power equipment repair shops through safe, versatile, adjustable, portable workstations which in turn lead to increased employee safety, better service quality, cost savings, and production efficiencies. Heftee Industries chose OrderMaxx Web Development Platform for their new website because of the Parts Selector Module and our ability to integrate with their MS Access serial number database.


In building a new Heftee Industries website and using the OrderMaxx Web Development Platform they hoped to renovate their online storefront, update the design of their site to achieve more constant brand recognition and supply their Customers with the ability to purchase wearable replacement parts online using exploded view diagrams. Another major goal of the website was to ensure that their website is responsive to computers, tablets and phones. With the new website framework in place, Heftee Industries can easily expand their online presence by taking advantage of the additional modules, integration with other web applications and new technologies that are constantly being updated inside the framework.


To learn more about The Heftee Industries website, contact (866) 847-4495 or email, info@ordermaxx.com, or visit the website at www.ordermaxx.com.

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