TrueRock Supply

Stafford, TX


TrueRock Supply is a leading supplier of replacement parts for Natural Gas Compressors that are used in the natural gas industry. TrueRock Supply decided to implement the OrderMaxx Website Development Platform because of its ability to integrate with SAGE ERP Software and the Parts Selector Module (Exploded View Parts Ordering Module).



In building a new TrueRock Supply website and using the integrated SAGE ERP Software using OrderMaxx pre-built integration tools. These tools allow for synchronization of data between the OrderMaxx and SAGE ERP Databases. Updating Items, Pricing and sending orders back to SAGE ERP software is completed in a snap of the fingers. TrueRock Supply used the OrderMaxx Web Development Platform to renovate their online storefront, update the design of their site to achieve more constant brand recognition and supply their Customers with the ability to purchase natural gas compressor replace parts online using exploded view diagrams. Another major goal of the website was to ensure that their website is responsive to computers, tablets and phones. With the new website framework in place, TrueRock Supply can easily expand their online presence by taking advantage of the additional modules, integration with other web applications and new technologies that are constantly being updated inside the framework.

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