Key-Mat brand Seed and Feed Bag Coders has been the absolute leader in their industry for more than 53 years. Campton Hills Ag Products, Inc. acquired the Key-Mat brand in 2013 and immediately introduced thermal inkjet technology in their seed and feed bag coders. The company turned to OrderMaxx Web Development Platform because of its ability to integrate with Pilot ERP Software, to display products exceptionally well and the ability the framework to generically optimize web pages for Search Engine Optimization (SEO).



The new Key-Mat website was designed with exceptional product display focus and search engine optimization in mind. Key-Mat products are displayed in a tabular form that allows content, images, videos and more to be displayed. The website also integrates fully with Pilot ERP Software. The key-mat website offers exceptional features: An integrated Customer Portal that allows 24 hours a day access to their account information, a fully integrated shopping cart that allows for automatic updates of items, pricing and order history. The integration with Pilot ERP Software allows Key-Mat to extend inventory of parts and supplies directly to Customers. Key-Mat offers their Customers an online shopping cart for consumable supplies that must be ordered from time to time. Updating Items, Pricing and sending orders back to SAGE ERP software is completed in a snap of the fingers. Campton Hills Ag Products, Inc. used the OrderMaxx Web Development Platform to re-establish their Key-Mat line of seed and feed bag coders, use of the platform allowed them to renovate their online storefront, update the design of their site to achieve more constant brand recognition and supply their Customers with replace parts. Campton Hills Ag Products, Inc. was able to extend their online presence by taking advantage of the additional modules, integration with other web applications and new technologies that are constantly being updated inside the framework.

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