The Bilco Company

New Haven, CT


The Bilco Company has a reputation among architects, engineers, specifiers, and the construction trades for dependability and products that are unequaled in design and workmanship. The Bilco Company continues to be the industry leader in the design and manufacturing of specialty access products. The Bilco Company adopted the OrderMaxx Web Development Platform because of it’s easy to use content management features, the ability to support integration with third part web applications and the pre-built software integration tools designed to easily move data from system to system.



  • Press Release Module
  • Store Module
  • Trade Show Module
  • Parts Selector Module
  • Change Location Module
  • Download Center Module
  • Rep Finder Module
  • Public Form 01 Module
  • Public Form 02 Module
  • Shop Cart Page
  • Case Study Module
  • Dropped Cart Module
  • Scheduled Tasks
  • AS2 Message
  • SEO Keyword Module
  • Language Module
  • Product Slider Module
  • Service Job Form 01 Module


The Bilco Company is know for its dependability and workman ship. In building a new website using the OrderMaxx Web Development Platform they hoped to renovate their online storefront, update the design of their site to achieve more constant brand recognition and ensure that their website is responsive to computers, tablets and phones. With the new website framework in place, The Bilco Company can also take advantage of a constantly widening software ecosystem that allows for more modules, integration with other web applications and new technologies that can be included in their online strategy.

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