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OrderMaxx Software | Email us: sales@ordermaxx.com
OrderMaxx Software is a robust web builder software used to build better websites!  If you use OrderMaxx Software to power a website, you can take advantage of the unique features contained within the program and the website can expand as your business grows. OrderMaxx Software lets you start by building a website with a powerful content management System and then you can expand your site by adding integrated modules for a low monthly fee! 

Key Software Features of OrderMaxx Software (Included in Every Setup)
Content Management System (CMS) | More Information
The content management system makes it very easy to update your website yourself.  You simply log into the control panel of the software and make changes right through the editor.  You can add unlimited pages, graphics, videos, links to other websites, etc. 
E-Commerce Platform | More Information
Our e-commerce engine is proven on hundreds of websites and is exceptionally stable.  The e-commerce engine interfaces with many third party tools and is really feature rich.  We think its one of the best on the market today.
Customer Portal and Customer Management | More Information
Manage your Customers using the OrderMaxx Customer Portal.  You can share order information, documents, contracts, preferred pricing and collaborate with them using the portal.  They will love it!
Customer Document Management | More Information
Work with your Customers, Dealers and Distributors to manage documents right through your website.  Their online account becomes a full blown document management system.  Easily manage documents online with your website users!

Website Design Features
Customizable Website Design Settings and Templates
There are hundreds of website design settings that allow Website Designers to completely customize your website. OrderMaxx Software allows for full control of your website design giving you full access to graphics, headers, footers, style sheets, navigation, etc.
Compatible with Dreamweaver, FrontPage and Photoshop
You can use any of these HTML editors and Programs to design websites using the OrderMaxx Software control Panel.
Mobile Optimized Design
Special style sheets are available inside of the Shopping Cart application that let you layout websites for mobile access on personal devices such as IPhones, Droid, Windows Mobile, etc.

Marketing and SEO Features
Search Engine Optimized Site
Our OrderMaxx Software has many search engine optimization tools for you to use to get your company and products listed on the top of search engines. Page Titles, Keywords, Description, Friendly URLs, etc. are all easily managed using OrderMaxx Software.
Standard XML Site Map
Standard XML Site Map used for Google is included in the OrderMaxx Software program. You can easily export your Google site map and upload it directly Google!
Standard Google Product Feed
OrderMaxx Software lets you export your product set into a Google Product Feed so that you can easily interface with the Merchant section on Google. Millions of people search the product database on Google and you need your products to be in this database.
Google Interfaces
OrderMaxx Software lets you easily integrate with Google. OrderMaxx provides functionality so that you can interface with the follow Google programs: AdWords, Analytics, Site Verification and Checkout Optimization.

Request A Live Demonstration
You can watch our online videos but the best way to evaluate OrderMaxx Software is using a web-based demonstration tool and talking with a Sales Engineer.  Email us at sales@ordermaxx.com to schedule a live demonstration.

Videos of OrderMaxx Software | Watch Videos

Watch Videos of the OrderMaxx Software
We have compiled videos on some of the best features of OrderMaxx Software.  These videos can all be watched right through your standard web browser and there is no downloading involved.

OrderMaxx Modules (Mini-Programs You Pay A Little Extra For)
Captcha on All Form Submittals | More Information
Sick of SPAM through your form submittals?  This module automatically turns on those fuzzy letters on every form on your OrderMaxx website.  This eliminates SPAM so  only serious people wanting to contact you or your Dealers get through. 
Clothing Sizing Module | More Information
This module allows you to turn your OrderMaxx Shopping Cart into an online clothing site.  You can immediately start adding sizes, colors, widths, etc. to your products when you add this module. 
Concierge Database Module | More Information
The module lets you post discounts on services and products for your company.  Employees can also rate Vendors, Post notes to Vendors, etc.  This module helps organize purchasing across a company.
Customer Relationship Management (CRM) | More Information
If your looking for a Customer Relationship Management System that is integrated with an online shopping cart - look no further!  Schedule tasks, register opportunities, develop unlimited groups of companies and contacts and much more! 
Dealer Portal Module | More Information
The Dealer Portal Module creates an interface just for Customers called "Dealers".  Dealers then log into your website and have specialized functions just for them including: Managing Customers, Discount Prices, Specialized Information, etc.
Download Center Module | More Information
Store all your documents, graphics, PDF files, videos and whatever else you can think of in one massive download center (database).  You can group all your documents by category and let people download organized documents online.
Download Product Module | More Information
This module lets you sell products in your store that you people can purchase and then download directly from your website.  Examples include: Software, Photos, Books, etc.  Very cool module!
Email Marketing System | More Information
By adding our email marketing interface to your OrderMaxx System, you can easily send bulk emails to your Prospects and Customers.  The email marketing system allows for grouping of contacts and distribution based the groups. 
Fishbowl Software Synchronization Module | More Information
If your using Fishbowl Inventory Software and looking for an online store this module is a must!  This module synchronizes information between Fishbowl Inventory Software and your website.  
Frequently Asked Question Database | More Information
Our dynamic frequently asked question database lets you receive questions from your Customers and write a response back to them through the OrderMaxx Software.  The response is then stored in the system for other Customers to search and use to help themselves.  This interface has shown to dramatically reduce costs in the area of Customer Service.  To see this in action checkout our FAQ database
IT Ticket Tracking System | More Information
This module is perfect for IT companies who want to provide IT tracking for their Customers.  Includes both employee and administrative level tracking. 
Make and Model Drill Down Module | More Information
This module lets you organize your products by make, model and the allows you to associate products or exploded view diagrams with those models of products.  Perfect solution for someone selling parts online!
Point of Sale System | More Information
OrderMaxx Software has a robust point of sale system that allows you to directly input orders from your customers while your on the phone!  This solution provides your Customers with a true order history (web + Phone). 
Press Release System Module | More Information
Quickly populate your website using this press release module!  This module lets you organize your press releases chronologically on your website and other people around the planet can us an RS Feed to view your posts as you make them.
Product Reviews | More Information
Let website visitors rate your products!  People can post positive information about your products and give them a start rating.  This module also has a Admin panel that lets you keep out bad posters too.  Customer are more likely to buy if there is a positive review.
Project Management Software | More Information
Our Project Management Software lets you work as a team online through your web browser to manage everything about a project.  You can manage tasks, budgets, people, notes, documents and much more anyplace on the planet. 
Recruitment and Online Application Module | More Information
This robust module allows you to post positions and take applications on your OrderMaxx website.  The module lets Website Designers offer an awesome recruitment website for your Customers.  Perfect as part of a corporate website or just for HR.
Service and Dispatch System | More Information
Collaborate with your Customers using our online service and dispatch software.  You can easily manage service requests, field technicians, schedules, customer inventory and much more. 
Shopping Cart Module | More Information
Easily add one of the most powerful shopping carts on the planet to your website.  Our shopping cart has more features and is only getting better each month.
Tradeshow Module | More Information
Setup and manage your year long tradeshow schedule on your OrderMaxx website.  This module lets you manage your tradeshows, link of to tradeshow websites and communicate which show you are attending.
Zip Code Tax Calculation Module | More Information
This module lets OrderMaxx Software calculate accurate sales taxes when Customers order through your website (or Point of Sale System) based on up to date information.  The module lets you choose from all 50 US states and lets you drill down to state, county and two levels of local taxes.  The module also calculates your current tax liability to those zip codes too! 

Browser Based
OrderMaxx Software is accessed entirely by using your browser.  The public side of the system is compliant for all major browsers and the control panel runs best in Internet Explorer.  There is no installation of the software needed.
Windows Development Platform
OrderMaxx Software is an open source system using Microsoft based technology (VB.NET, Classic .ASP, etc.) 
Database Technology
The database OrderMaxx is MS SQL Sever Enterprise.  OrderMaxx uses Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services to generate reports.

PCI Certified Software
OrderMaxx Software meets the Payment Card Industry (PCI) standards set forth and established by the PCI Standard Board. For more information on PCI, please visit our service definition.
Authorize.NET Certified
OrderMaxx Software (Delivered As A Service) securely processes credit card transactions by communicating with Authorize.Net.  We test OrderMaxx Sofware's code base with Authorize.Net on a regular basis.

Frequently Asked Questions | Search Entire Database of FAQs | Register and Submit a Question
We like working with our Website Designer.  Can he/she use OrderMaxx Software build our website?
Is OrderMaxx Software friendly with Search Engines?
Search For More Frequently Asked Questions...

OrderMaxx Software is committed to working with other Professionals (Website Designers, Technology Professionals, Programmers, etc.) to help Customers use our technology and be successful.  We have established and maintain a Partner Program for OrderMaxx Software.  Please visit the "Partner Program" page of our website for more information.

Licensing, Service, Security Information
End User Software License | View End User Software License
When you use OrderMaxx Software, you agree to our software license.  We update our software license from time to time and you are notified of any changes via email. 
OrderMaxx Software As A Service (SaaS) Definition | View Service Definition
Typically we provide OrderMaxx Software as a Service.  The "Service Definition" outlines what is included in this amazing software solution.
Security Information | View Security Information
Defending against security threats is one of our primary goals and the "Security Information" page explains at a very high level the types of security we have in place.  This information is also used during PCI evaluations of the software.

Website Design Services
Website Design Services | Information
Choose from one of three standard website design options through OrderMaxx Professional Services. 
Sample Manufacturing Websites | More Information
View some of the very best Manufacturing websites that have been developed using OrderMaxx Software.
Sample Retail ECommerce Websites | More Information
view some of the very best Retail ECommerce websites that have been developed using OrderMaxx Software.

OrderMaxx Software Hosting
OrderMaxx Software Hosting Package | More Information
Our OrderMaxx Software hosting package provides everything your business needs online:  Website Software, Email, Anti-Spam, etc.

OrderMaxx Software Upgrades
OrderMaxx Software Quarterly Upgrades | View List of Upgrades
We make upgrades to OrderMaxx Software on a quarterly basis and as needed.  This approach allows you to automatically keep your existing website data and experience the new functions that we build into the system!  Please take a moment and review the list of upgrades for this year by clicking on the link provided.

OrderMaxx Software Support
Phone Support | Contact Us
We provide live phone support from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Central Standard Time.  After hours you can leave a message and our technical team will respond to emergencies within 30 minutes.  When contacting our Customer Service Department, each issue is assigned a "Trouble Ticket".  Once you receive a ticket number, we immediately connect you with technical staff that can resolve your issue (s). 
Frequently Asked Question Database - Free Support! | Frequently Asked Questions Database
Customers who are logged into our website can submit a question and our Customer Service Team will provide you with a detailed answer as time permits.  We also invite you to search the massive database of articles as most common issues have solutions in this database.
OrderMaxx Customization | More Information | Purchase Separately
OrderMaxx Software can easily be enhanced by our Professional Development Team.  Our Customization is performed on an hourly basis and can be estimated based on the type of Customization you need for your website.  Please contact us about your specific requirements by sending an email to sales@ordermaxx.com

Lets Get Started!

Email: sales@ordermaxx.com

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